Fitness bands have become a very popular piece in fitness training. Over the years Phlexx fitness routines have thoroughly used fitness bands for our training. These bands, as simple as they may seem, can truly impact a clients training and help increase results.

These bands can add isotonic resistance to any persons training. Pairing this with a few simple moves you will be amazed how much these bands can do. These are great for helping increase core strength and enhance any workout. Even the smallest moves with these bands can give you a great workout. We even have different tensions of bands to meet your need. If you are a beginner try light resistance, if you are an expert try our heaviest band. What ever band you choose we can assure you our bands are of top quality.

Better yet, these bands allow for you to even do a workout right in your own living room. Without the need of large equipment simple band exercises can be done in any location. We have even had Phlexx fitness clients use their bands on airplane mid flight :-) So if you buy these bands tag us in some of the innovative places you can use them, we cannot wait to see where our bands go!

So, if you want to step up your fitness routine try out one of our band packs today! Save 10% off by using code "MRMVTFIT"